Real time dashboard for your profitability.

High-quality pricing intelligence and analytics to help consumer electronics business achieve efficient sales processes and profitable growth.

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Browswave is the highest level business intelligence and sales tool for online pricing of consumer electronics. We enable you to take proactive approach towards optimizing stock and building optimal product-price mix.

Our current clients have experienced:

  • 2-3% avg. growth in sales

  • 30% avg. decrease in cash-to-cash cycle

  • 2.5% avg. increase in margin on key product categories and promotions

Trusted by global leaders


100+ Categories

All important product attributes

2m+ URLs

All key retailers data and activities

700+ Retailers

All market leaders and influencers

1000+ Brands

All CE brands on a daily basis

Unlimited SKU History

Analytics & statistics

Browswave proprietary data collection methods give you:

  • All offers on the market
  • Аll relevant products value drivers

Manage strategic categories, segments and assortments

  • Analyze and manage essential categories and segments
  • Determine the value of your offers
  • Fine-tune your pricing strategy

Manage own brands and exclusives

  • Identify the optimal price positioning for your exclusive products
  • Benchmark your products to competitive ones having similar features


Browswave is a MUST HAVE tool. Following daily the ever competitive markets, the never ending price wars, the rapidly changing industry trends has never been easier, thanks to this amazing tool.
Our Sales and Marketing teams rely equally on the product to understand the market and secure the profitability for our company.
It’s one of the best investments I have made for my company.

Alexander Stojanović

Business Development Manager, ASUS Balkans

Browswave is a trustworthy partner. We consider ourselves a demanding customer with lots of custom requests. So far the malleability displayed by the Browswave team as well as the response time in meeting our requests exceeds expectations most of the time. I would definitely seek to work with them on future projects and also recommend them. There are important business processes that rely on the data provided by them. We use it for the pricing strategy, market assortment coverage and more. The similarity feature presents a great opportunity on market share growth and also forecasting price evolution during product life cycle. Five Stars out of Five from us.

Iulian Bina

MSBI Manager, ALTEX Romania

An essential sales and product management tool!

Viktor Ban

HE Sales Director, LG Electronics MK

Understanding the market trends is essential for any business. The data provided by Browswave is a key element of our pricing strategy.

Viktor Horváth

Pricing Specialist, MediaMarkt Magyarország

Browswave is very useful tool which makes price analysis and price strategy much easier. With only a few clicks we can understand the price position on the market, who are the main competitors in particular price segments, which are the new models on the market etc. It is great to get updated price situation on daily basis and besides this also the price history is available which helps us to understand the full-picture. It is also possible to make cross-country analysis which is really helpful.

Uroš Štajner

Market and Consumer Intelligence, GORENJE

With Browswave we have business relations since 2014. I assess the dealing with the company excellent and straightforward. They have always provided our business healthy support and kind help. Browswave is a solid and reliable supplier of software and an expert in their field in my opinion and belief.