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We enable retailers see the market through the eyes of consumers – value of offer vs. price of product.

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Take better pricing decisions today.


Optimal product-price mix

Maintain the right products at the right price points depending on your market strategy. Target the various consumer groups with relevant offers – give them the best value for their money.

Optimal inventory

Increase pipeline accuracy, decrease cash conversion cycles and avoid old stock. Choose the right price at the right moment without undermining your profit goals.

Quick response to market changes

Take quick, well-informed, data-driven pricing decisions. Get notified of competitors moves as they happen and act fast according to your strategy.

Exclusives products and market launches

Identify easily the optimal price positioning for your exclusive offers and new product launches. Benchmark them to competitive ones having similar features


  • Dashboard

    Snapshot of your product categories. All key market metrics, size, over and underpriced, exclusivity, promotions.

  • Core assortment

    Quick dashboard of your most important SKUs. Current status and recent changes in price and stock.

  • Price tracker

    Daily feed and historical tracker of price evolution, price drops, promotions and availability.

  • Segmentation

    Define important market segments by price and attributes. Monitor the positioning of your offers.

  • Benchmark and Similarity

    Higher level product analysis based on value drivers. Direct and indirect competitor SKUs. Match exclusives.

  • Reports and Alerts

    Receive regular reports on everyday market occurrences. Set stock or price changes alerts.

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