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We enable manufacturers efficiently manage their portfolio with resellers across regions.

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Take better market decisions today.


Ensure healthy margin

Based on historical market trends, product life cycle and current competitive response plan product launches and price erosion for optimal profitability.

Manage brand image

Monitor and analyse market data and segments to steer your brand image, adjust your distribution and marketing support to prevent negative perception.

Multi-country overview

Manage one or more countries at once. Monitor and compare visibility and prices across retailers. Take prompt action.

Executive-level reporting

Gives top management a concise review on sales performance and pricing analysis across the geographic region of responsibility.


  • Dashboard and Out of sale

    Your brands across countries. All key market metrics, size, new, out of sale, promotions.

  • Price tracker

    Historical monitor of resellers pricing behavior and products life cycle development.

  • Daily feed

    Everyday update on price changes, product market launches and out of sale by brand and retailer.

  • Segmentation

    Define important market segments by price and attributes. Monitor the positioning of your brands.

  • Benchmark and Similarity

    Higher level product analysis based on value drivers. Direct and indirect competitors of your SKUs.

  • Core assortment

    Quick dashboard of your most important SKUs. Current status and recent changes in price and stock.

  • Retailer portfolio analysis

    Investigate each retailer’s product range to spot market gaps and listing opportunities.

  • Minimum Advertised Price

    Monitor market dynamics vs your target profit.

  • Reports

    Save important searches and investigations to receive reports every day.

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