Understanding the continuous stream of information

Our data helps drive profitability and availability of top selling products to customers


Browswave engine crawls the web in the same manner as search engines do. This is an automated process of following competitor’s price points, availability, shipping cost and stock levels for all consumer electronics groups. 2M SKUs are refreshed several times a day depending on market dynamics and product importance.


Our platform is optimized for data quality and accuracy by combining algorithmic and human power.
No dashboards and reports matter if data is not accurate.

System Integration

We provide API service and rough data in standard formats like JSON, XML, CSV, Excel so that every ERP, CRM or BI system can take advantage of pricing intelligence data.

Data Science Team

Big Retails and Big Vendors rely on accurate Big Data. Our dedicated team of data scientist and mathematicians use the latest machine learning technologies and develop proprietary algorithms that allow us to become global partner for consumer electronics product and pricing data.