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Set the right pricing

We help you track all important market activities on a daily basis. Receive timely information on competitors' moves.

Compare Products

Up your game with Browswave.

Take better pricing decisions today.


Quick response to market changes

Take quick, well-informed, data-driven pricing decisions. Get notified of competitors moves as they happen and act fast according to your strategy.

Better stock management

Improve planning process and decrease inventory most efficiently by choosing the right price at the right moment without undermining your profit goals.


  • Daily feed

    Everyday update on all price variations and product launches.

  • Pivoting

    Competitor benchmarking highlighting extreme under and overpriced products.

  • Bookmarking

    Save your analysis for future use and share with colleagues.

  • Pricing trends

    Monitor historical pricing behavior of competitors to see who starts price war and who follows.

  • Market segments

    Specify segments of strategic importance and evaluate your price positioning.

  • Reporting

    Use system exports to get reports on everyday market occurrences.

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