browswave pro

Ready to trade more efficiently?

Browswave Professional: the market through the eyes of consumers – value of offer vs. price of product.

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Up your game with Browswave.

Take better pricing decisions today.


Create the optimal product-price mix

Maintain the right product range at the right price point depending on your market strategy. Target various consumer groups with relevant offers – give them the best value for their money.

Optimize inventory

Improve pipeline planning accuracy, decrease cash conversion cycle on stock and eliminate slow-moving items efficiently without affecting dramatically your profit margin.


  • Dashboards

    Snapshot of key product category metrics like over and underpriced products, exclusivity, promotions

  • Core assortment

    Dashboard of crucial price and availability changes of your most important SKUs.

  • Price trends and Promos

    Historical tracker monitoring strategic price drops and temporary price discounts.

  • Segmentation

    Define the market segments of interest and evaluate your offer positioning vs. competition.

  • Benchmarking

    Deep level product analysis based on a wide range of characteristics. Comparison to direct and indirect competitor items.

  • Reports and Alerts

    Regular reports distribution and e-mail notifications of competitors price changes and product availability.

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