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Get market leverage

We enable manufacturers efficiently manage their portfolio with resellers and strategically plan price erosion for optimal profitability.

Compare Products

Up your game with Browswave.

Take better pricing decisions today.


Ensure healthy margin

Based on historical market trends, product life cycle and current competitive response, plan the optimal mark-down strategy to reflect your profit goals.

Avoid image of overpriced brand

Timely market information gives you flexibility to adjust your marketing support and prevent negative brand perception.


  • Focus groups

    Deep analysis and aligned price setting for strategic product groups.

  • Pricing trends

    Historical monitor of resellers pricing behavior and products life cycle development.

  • Daily feed

    Everyday update on price changes and product market launches from competition.

  • Core assortment

    Price and availability change monitor on your most important SKUs or promotional items.

  • Product benchmarking

    Comparison to direct and indirect competition to prevent cannibalization in own portfolio.

  • Retailer portfolio analysis

    Investigation of retailers’ product range to spot market gaps and listing opportunities.

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